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| November 18, 2017

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Eco-living in Nuvali Santa Rosa

Live now in Nuvali Santa Rosa Laguna for better health & peace of mind! – & that’s the way I want my life to live.

At Nuvali Santa Rosa, water is a source of life thus water becomes a major focus in Nuvali. Nuvali is situated in the fast urbanizing Santa Rosa Laguna. About ¾ of the earth is covered in water, but we can only drink 2.5% of it. From this available fresh water, about 70% is frozen in Antartica. At Nuvali, systems have been put in place to conserve these limited resources – saving the earth energy and carbon emission.

recycled water avida

LOHAS (Lifestyles of Health and Sustainability) -led studies revealed that 67% of the General Population in the Philippines are confident that environmentalism is here to stay.   Moreover, a whopping 86% believed that economic development was only possible hand-in-hand with environmental protection.

Such integration exists in Ayala Land’s NUVALI SANTA ROSA (situated in higher ground), a sprawling 1,860-hectare expanse. The eco-city development, which follows the standards of the Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) rating system, has stressed its commitment to ‘EVOLIVING (evolved way of living)’. NUVALI demonstrates water stewardship through waterless urinals from Falcon Technologies, its color-coded, double-piping system that segregates potable and gray water so that precious treated water is not used for flushing toilets and watering plants. NUVALI also has a four-hectare multi-functional lake for rainwater harvesting.

Even NUVALI’s guardhouses are designed to conserve energy, having been equipped with solar panels to generate power for the lights, radio, and electric fans.

Passive cooling is also integrated in its Green Model homes, which feature an open layout and clever north-south orientation that cuts down on heat while letting in natural light.  But perhaps one of NUVALI’s biggest eco-friendly stars is the community’s solid waste management: At full development, NUVALI is set to target only 35% of household waste to hit the landfills, while everything else would be recycled and reused.
NUVALI itself has made efforts, big and small, to cut back on its carbon footprint. Its low-intensity land use is manifested in 50% balance between open and developed spaces of Santa Rosa , the better to protect local biodiversity in the area and create natural corridors. Situated at the center of the Calabarzon region’s economic growth corridor, its office workers, residents and visitors will find themselves a stone’s throw away from NUVALI’s lakeside retail hub Solenad 1 and the recently launched Solenad 2 with over 20 shops and restaurants, and soon to various schools like Xavier School-NUVALI (opening by 2012), which they can access using a shuttle service, bicycle access, e-jeepneys and water taxis. This design will lessen the need for non-renewable energy fuelled vehicles, and encourage healthier and eco-friendly lifestyles in NuvaliLand.

Other business-minded locals would do well to broaden their green horizons: “Environmental options offer us the opportunity of innovating within the core business that can help expand sales internationally.” he advises local brands. “You won’t be able to do that with a box-standard product. For sectors suffering from high turnovers and employee fluctuation, turning to sustainable developments could just be the competitive edge you are looking for.” says Mr. Gelber.  “You can use the strategic advantage of a more eco-friendly location to better retain employees by providing them with a better quality of life.

A rapidly-spreading green consumer trend, Lifestyles of Health and Sustainability (LOHAS) is already gaining ground in Japan and Taiwan. According to the 2010 Filipino LOHAS Consumer Segmentation Model, locals may have already been bitten by the green bug, as 17% of the Philippine market is already actively keeping their eyes and purses open for eco-friendly investments.

“Filipinos don’t want economic development at the cost of the environment. On a large scale, going green with only be successful if we can make it work commercially,” admits Mr. Gelber, “Instead of [just doing] these good things for the good of nature, we need to build these green and health-related features into our core business strategy.”

All these unique features set NUVALI apart, easily making it one of the greenest multi-functional growth center in the country today.


Green water

Nuvali’s unique “Dual Piping System” supplies both fresh and gray water. It is color coded for you to know which is potable water which can be used for drinking, cooking, washing the dishes or taking a bath. The other one is recycled water, (although technically all water are recycled by nature). This gray water is actually a “green water” – which has not been treated with chemical for non-potable use such as water the plants, cleaning your pavement or washing the car.  This unique process makes Nuvali quite unique in almost all of Asia.

Recycling water

Wastewater from sinks and toilets go through high standards of treatment before getting piped back into the residential and commercial area, as gray water passing to the secondary pipe. The gray water or recycled water can be used for toilet flushing, irrigating gardens and parks, and other non-drinking use.

water system in avida


Catch All – The Bioswales

Bioswales are landscape elements that filter storm water naturally and trap pollutants before it flows into the watershed. They help recharge the aquifer and help prevent wells from running dry at Nuvali Sta. Rosa.

Under Pressure – Low-flow Fixtures

Get the same amount of wash for three times less water – low-flow fixtures pressurize a smaller volume of water to give you the same water stream. This design is adapted to all Abrio, Alveo and Avida Nuvali properties.

Clean Machine  – Sewage Treatment Plant

A dedicated sewage treatment plant ensures the health and well-being of the community by efficiently treating wastewater to the acceptable discharge standards. Effluent from the sewage treatment plant can be treated further and becomes gray water that can be reused for no-potable purposes.

Nuvali Santa Rosa Laguna today is probably the best eco-friendly residence. Within the vast complex is Solenad shopping and business district. Xavier and Merriam School are stone throw’s away from Avida Settings. Trees and nature supply is abundant. Best of all, Nuvali Santa Rosa represents the ideal settings for healthy living but nothing can be healthier of course when taking food supplements.

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  2. Bing

    Pwede ba sa PAGIBIG ipasok if ever we decide to buy a house there?

    • Sorry but PAGIBIG is no longer an option for financing in Avida properties (Santa Rosa Nuvali)

  3. Jocelyn augustin

    Hi can you send me a computation of a 3 br house and lot, lot size po around 90sq meter. And yung 20% po na downpayment pwede po bang installment?

  4. Roger Barros

    Hi, can you pls send me a sample computation for this. Thanks

  5. joy roberts

    hi, pls send the TCP of a 2 or 3 bedrooms the one in Sta rosa pls…

    and how many percent I can get if I pay half of the amount of the TCP?

    pls send me a sample computation aswell.. tnx

    • Hi we sent an email re: Avida Nuvali, located in Sta. Rosa Laguna.

  6. Elaine Rivera

    Hi can you send me more info about avida sta rosa. Is there a pre selling units available? Can u send me payment options too? We are interested in 3 BR house..thanks

    • Hi we sent you an email for Avida Nuvali properties. We recommend Avida Woodhill located inside Nuvali. Just let me know if you have questions…

  7. Angelo Gonzalez

    Just a concern about the fish feeding. I noticed that all the fishes are concentrated on one area. That area is where ever the people are feeding the fish. My concern is that because all the fishes are in one area this may cause a drop of oxygen levels in that area. This can suffocate the fishes and potentially kill them. Could you address this concern? Maybe you could have the feeders spread out more. Thank you.

    • Thank you for your concern, we have forwarded you comment to Avida Land head office. Thank you!

  8. nelia l.manguera

    good morning yala can you send me a pricelists ofnuvali ridgeview house and lot and lot only thanks

  9. jay

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  10. edison

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    as an ar israeli i am not familiar to laguna at sat.rosa at calamba. so pls where is the project in sat rosa or calamba? when all developement and selling of units began? thank you

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