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| November 18, 2017

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Nuvali Republic Wakepark

Nuvali wakeboard sta rosa rfid pass

Nuvali Republic WakePark officially opened on June 15, 2012.  Register now and you get your own RFID . You can go visit or use the facilities anytime with this RFID wristband. This cool ID (wristband) is really cool! You can wear it while wake boarding, it’s of course water proof and you won’t lose it. Of course you need to take care of it because there is a fine if you intentionally break the band. Technically, it’s unbreakable.

nuvali wakeboarding

Nuvali Wake Board Park

Directions to Republic Wakeboard Park from Manila–we-re-capable-of-providing-relief-efforts-for–yolanda-victims-111309606.html

Take SLEX and exit to Sta. Rosa Exit (After Alabang, Susana, Carmona, Maplasan Exits). If you’re going during rush hour, better to take Eton Exit, which is after Sta. Rosa Exit. It’s a longer route but less traffic, entering through Eton properties. Just be sure you know your way inside.

From the Sta. Rosa Exit, turn RIGHT (Sta. Rosa-Tagaytay Road) moving towards Paseo De Sta. Rosa. The town-mall is more than 5km on your left from the exit. Shortly after will be a huge Nuvali sign (right), across that is the Nuvali Boulevard (entrace to Nuvali). Turn RIGHT when you see the stop light. Go straight until you reach the main entrance going inside Nuvali (after Solenad) and leave your license.

Nuvali main entrance (from the stop light) is along the Sta-Rosa Tagaytay Road. Nuvali WakePark is 14 kms from the main road. It seems distant but it takes only 5 minutes to reach inside Nuvali’s WakeBoard Park.

Republic Wake Board is across Avida Parkway Setting, Avida Woodhill and Avida Village Cerise.

Nuvali wakeboarding laguna direction rates

Pricing as of January 2013


Riding stance
Goofy (Right foot forward)
Regular (Left foot forward)

Cable rates

1 hour pass – P250
2 hour pass – P475
4 hour pass – P595
8 hour pass – P995
Day & Night pass – P1,500
Night riding pass – P595
Private cable rent – P800/hour
VIP pass – FREE!

Unlimited riding package

1 week unlimited – P5,000
1 month unlimited – P15,000
3 months unlimited – P24,000
6 months unlimited – P35, 000
1 year unlimited (cash) – P55,000
1 year unlimited (monthly) – P60,000

Wristband – P200
Life vest & helmet – P600

Private Cable Rental

Fees: P8,000
Time: 6:30AM -8:30AM
Maximum of 30 people
* You will have full exclusive use of the wakeboard area.

Restaurant facility

There’s a an open view restaurant at the site where you can enjoy the rest of the day. The Nuvali “city” is a cool place to enjoy your weekend. There dozens of stores and restaurants at Solenad. Your kids can go boat riding or go fishing at the lake.

Republ1c Wakepark location

West Diversity Boulevard, Nuvali, 4027 Calamba, Laguna
Open from Mon – Sun: 8:30 am – 9:00 pm
Open parking is available.

Contact Information

Manila office (02) 828 4840


Want to live in Nuvali?

You can own a house and lot as low as P1.6M or P10,000 a month for monthly amortization. Call or email us at or text Globe – 09175338813 (House & Lot Inquiries only)


  1. jordan

    I really like and appreciate your blog article.Really thank you! Fantastic.

  2. Sandy

    Wew..thanks much to this site..informative enough 😉

  3. i like this activity,,, and price not so high … thanks for this info…

  4. Maria Frances Cayetano

    Cool.. Near manila.. Same experience..

  5. Argo

    do they allow dogs in the wakepark?

  6. Geard

    Gotta Thank you for this very comprehensive site. Saved me a lot of time

  7. Nicole

    Thanks for the info. How much if we rent the gear? (is there such a thing? Coz this will be my first time if ever) thanks!

  8. Giorgio

    I would like to inquire if the gears are included on the 475 2hours pass? or do we have to rent? Thanks!

    • The gears are included provided you make a deposit for it, it is refundable unless you break the gear.

  9. Ryan

    do u implement an attire?

  10. marilyn

    i have a gc of wakeboarbing worth 5,000.. it’s a 1week package… i am selling it in a half prize… anyone who’s interested can contact me… 09216636669…

    • Michelle

      Are you still selling your week package?

  11. Ivo

    do you also provide training prior to trying this out? first timeer here too

  12. Akiko centeno

    Hi just wondering what day is your promo? Lipthe pay for two for the price of one? 🙂 thank you

  13. Akiko centeno

    Hi just wondering what day is your promo? pay for two for the price of one? 🙂 thank you

  14. vaughn

    are you open on october 31 2013? same operating hours?

  15. Christian

    hi just want to ask if there is a orientation for beginners/1st timers for wakeboarding

  16. kamille fernando

    I would like to inquire if the gears are included in a 1 hour pass 250?

  17. Gwen Peralta

    Are you open this holyweek? First time to do wakeboarding with my teena agers kids..

  18. azha

    It says there VIP PASS -FREE.. how do you get a vip pass?

  19. Ivory

    Is this open today?

  20. Steve Young

    Hi All, I just found your site, as I frequently visit Manila for business I would love to experience your park. Is there a transport service from Manila to the park or will I need to organise my own transport?


  21. mc

    hi! my name is MC, i want to have a private use of your wakeboarding area for 2 hours this coming december… will it be possible? it will be php8000 right? will it include the rentals of your wakeboards? please reach me as soon as you received my message… thank you

  22. Malu Dy

    Do you offer wakeboarding for beginners? How much is the fee?

  23. Malu Dy

    Do you offer wakeboarding for beginners? How much is the fee?

  24. Malu Dy

    Do you offer wakeboarding for beginners? How much is the fee?

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