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| November 18, 2017

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History of Nuvali Santa Rosa, Laguna

History of Nuvali Santa Rosa, Laguna

Nuvali Santa Rosa has become the buzz word for urban living in a rural setting. Located along Sta. Rosa Laguna, Nuvali has become the shopping and leisure destination in the south of Laguna.

Laguna in the early 19th century is considered as one of the most admired landscape in south of Luzon. Many migrants, particularly Chinese Mestizo invested large parcels of land in this area. It is ideal for nurturing agriculture, livestock and expanding trade and industry. Laguna has a long history. It’s land is rich, fertile and has always been considered as the ideal environment for growth.

Nuvali sta rosa

A grand vision – 

Nuvali located in Santa Rosa Laguna was a massive sugar plantation in the 1900, this vast Laguna land was purchased by Jose Yulo in 1948. Twenty years after, the Yulos introduced an important plan reallocating the land to industrial, residential and recreational developments. History was made when AyalaLand and the Yulo family came together to transform this 1,860 hectare land in Canlubang & Santa Rosa Laguna to a wholly sustainable community.

Nuvali sta rosa

Sta. Rosa phenomenon –

Nuvali in Sta. Rosa Laguna as we know it today was is divided into three parcels of land – Ceci, Aurora, and Vesta Properties –and is within one of the fastest urbanizing regions in the country. The fruit of this alliance is already visible and more and more urbanized Filipinos have made Nuvali their new home. Nuvali has several access roads. The main entrance is through Sta. Rosa – Tagaytay Road with exit options towards Canlubang and Silangan. Other residential developments within Sta. Rosa Laguna has complemented Nuvali’s development instead of being its competitor. Sta. Rosa is forever changed.

Nuvali sta rosa

The most admired complex –

With the Ayala’s taste for excellence, grand master plan of a world-class dwelling blended with nature has started to blossom. Nuvali is the ideal residential and commercial community that is married to nature. NUVALI is transforming this land to the most admired business & residential complex, perhaps in the whole of Asia. AyalaLand (Abrio, Alveo & AvidaLand) has over five decades of real estate experience and has earned a reputation as the Philippine’s leading real estate developer

Nuvali sta rosa

Nuvali too far?

Few years ago – most people frowned at the idea of living 40km away from Makati’s CBD (Central Business District). This has all changed when urbanized dwellers began to appreciate the new SLEX – “the world-class traffic-less highway”. Those living in Nuvali can use access roads to Mamplasan exit, thus distance is no longer the issue. The Ayala’s have transformed Makati into a global city and Nuvali is not far behind. Already in place are commercial establishments and business buildings. Nuvali’s reputation of a nature-haven greets you with wide roads with wide lined trees at the center. If you want to talk about open spaces, recycling and well planned communities – better see Nuvali and experience the ideal quality of life.

Average time & distance
Makati (Pasay Road) to Nuvali – 40km / 40 minutes drive
Filinvest & Alabang to Solenad – 22km / 30 minutes drive
Solenad to Avida Settings – 4km / 4 minutes drive
Avida Settings to Avida Village & Parkway Settings – 3km / 2 minutes drive

Nuvali sta rosa

Solenad 1 & 2 

In a nutshell, Solenad 1 & 2 is poised to be the shopping destination of the south. To date, business establishments have already sprung and in weekends, it has become a haven for nature lovers. Solenad features the lakeside environment. This 4 hectare man-made wonder is not just for nature’s aesthetics but is a fully functioning recyclable source of water – to water the plants and trees in Nuvali Complex.

Nuvali Laguna Solenad

Finally, the Philippines can be proud of the ideal “suburb”

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    • Hi we sent you a separate email re: sample computation for Avida Woodhill properties inside Nuvali.

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    this is PRIVATE so pls dont post yet until you have checked withis agent TYRONE ATANACIO
    we visited avida several times and we were in transaction with a certain Tyrone Atanacio who went to Brunei as part of the International Sales Team of Ayala Land and we were convinced to make payments under d name of Cris Llamanzares in Avida Village but we changed mind to settle for Avida Settings and according to tyrone he can help us transfer our account from avida village to settings but some notices from village wwere sent to Brunei informing us that our money had been porfeited. Tyrone told us that he made arrangeents alreadya nd we dont have to worry and we have in contact since august 2011 until first quarter of 2013 where we make another reservation for avida settings. but since then we ost communication with him. Please help me verify if this man is still connected with Ayala Land International Sales Team. Thank you very much and God bless.

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