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| November 18, 2017

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Frequently Asked Questions

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Who owns AvidaLand?

AvidaLand is the affordable property developer of AyalaLand Corporation. Its affiliate companies are Community Innovations and Ayala Premier.

Why should I choose to invest and live in Avida land?

All AyalaLand properties have appreciated in a matter of few years compared with other developments. It boasts of a well-planned design and maintenance of a building or village. Also the presence of strong village management support, making sure that your properties and amenities remain in top shape, therefore protecting the value of your investment.

How safe and secure is it to live in Avida properties?

All Avida properties has tight 24/7 security and secured perimeter walls. Your children are free to enjoy the outdoors.

Is the place strategic and accessible?

Every place is accessible to an Avida property. Traveling is now stress-free since public transportation is easily reached. Within the proximity are nearby schools, churches, hospitals and schools. For instance, Avida Settings in Cavite is near De La Salle University & hospital. It is a 10-minute drive to Alabang Town Center & Madrigal Business Park and is few meters away from SM Molino.

What are the usual amenities included at Avida?

For Avida settings – amenities include swimming pool, club house, children’s playground, picnic area, basketball court, 24-hour roving security, 6-ft tall perimeter fence, overhead power & telephone lines, centralized water supply and wide roads.

What are the payment terms for Avida house and condo units?

Please click here to download payment terms.

How long should I wait until I can move in? (For Avida settings).
Upon completion of your down-payment and bank guarantee (For bank financing) or spot cash payments, it will take 6-months to construct your house upon issuance of your NTC (Notice to Construct). Your agent can give you more information regarding this.

What is finish of the house or unit once turned over?

You have an option for a Bare, Basic and Premier finish. Both basic and premier finishes have construction / paint guarantees that give you worry-free maintenance for one year. Your agent can give you more information regarding this.

Can an overseas Filipino or foreigner purchase a property at Avida?

Any Filipino overseas or Filipino citizens with dual citizenship can purchase condominium and house and lot properties. Foreigners can only purchase condominium. If a foreigner (non-citizen of the Philippines) is married to a Filipino who has Filipino citizenship or dual citizenship, he/she can purchase the property on the spouse’s behalf. The foreign spouse should issue a joint and solidary undertaking and affidavit of waiver.


Why do other web sites offer different prices?

Pricing of all Avida Properties are standard. While some brokers from other website entice you with a seeming lower price, the actual computation will be different. Be careful also for agents who does not have a professional license (PRC) to sell properties under the Philippine Regulatory Commission.

What is the minimum down payment?

A 20% down payment is required payable in 12 months, 0% interest.

Can I avail of Pagibig loan to help finance my investment?

No, AvidaLand no longer accepts financing from PAGIBIG.

How long does it take to apply for in-house or bank financing?

If client submitted all paper/document requirements altogether, waiting time usually takes at least 2 weeks until bank approval is given.

Which bank should I choose? Who will help me with this since I live abroad / province?

The Bank of the Philippines Island (BPI) has very good interest rates and is the fastest way to get a bank loan. Your sales consultant can help you with this, even if you are outside the country or cannot come personally to submit your requirements.

What is an SPA or Special Power of Attorney?

It is a signed legal document giving full authority to sign, approve, accept and conduct your purchase transaction between you and Avida. SPAs are usually given to trusted relatives or friends who live in the Philippines. It is notarized. A sample form is available through your sales consultant.

Payment using post dated checks:

Buyer or his/her authorized representative can issue the post dated check, using his/her current account only.


How much is the reservation?

Depending on the property, it is either P20,000 or P50,000

Is the reservation refundable?

No it is not refundable.

Can my agent block the unit today but I promise to pay the reservation fee the next day?

Depending on the case, an agent can block your unit for 1-day, provided you pay in advance the amount of P5,000. This amount is non-refundable if client backs out. This amount can be deducted to your reservation amount, if payment is made the next day.